Welcome to “Recovery Isn’t For Wimps.”

This is a new blog for those who are highly serious and dedicated to their recovery from alcohol or drugs.¬† Recovery isn’t easy. It’s mean, cruel, discouraging, brutal, enduring, nasty and terrifying. And more.

It takes courage, strength, wisdom, stamina, patience, persistency, hope, hard work and much more. And yet there is always much hope and promise.

Wimp is defined by the Webster Dictionary as “ weak and lacking courage.”Only you can decide if you are a “wimp.,” and if so you will not appreciate or like this blog. It isn’t for everyone.

As time goes on I hope that you will find some of the future posts helpful and encouraging. Remember that each day,  others, just like you, have successfully stopped drinking and drugging. and have gone on to re-create, re-build and re-make their lives. So can you.


Never, every give up.


Bill McInerney