Willpower, coupled with “intention” creates a powerful combination for anyone  in any stage of substance use recovery.

A great Tibetan teacher, Nyshul Ken Rinpoche once said,” Everything is intention.” The word is defined as meaning, ” a determination to act in a certain way; resolve, importance, significance. And what one intends to bring about.”

According to a recent article by Sylvia Boorstein, in Lions Roar Magazine ( January 2107)  she write,” Wise intention is what keeps our lives headed in the right direction.”

She contained, ” Making sure your intentions align with your real values, is one of the  best ways to lead the life you want.”

Recovery from drugs or alcohol is a personal and complicated  process. Keeping focused on what we want to accomplish is important.

As we near the beginning of a New Year, rather than making a list of impossible resolutions, why not simply state that “In the coming year I will be filled daily with good intentions.

For now,

Bill McInerney




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