Who the Hell Was Janus?




Many people today have no idea of how important a former, long ago and forgotten,  pagan Roman god was to millions  citizens of ancient Rome. He dates back over 2,600 years and the earliest roman coins discovered bear his image

In ancient religion and myth Janus is the god of “beginnings, changes, gates, doors and transitions.”

He’s usually depicted  as having two faces, since it is believed the looks into the future and the past.  It is thought that  the month of January is named after this esteemed deity.

Hollywood movies and T.V. shows, I believe,  have greatly distorted  and have undermined our concepts and ideas of the long-lasting ancient Roman  civilization.  The Romans often are shown as brute savages slaughtering Christian martyrs. While this did occur it happened in a very small time period.

The average roman  citizen was often a simple and peaceful  farmer or tradesman  who was far from being warlike. Every home in this ancient realm,  from the very poor to the mega rich, contained an alter to worship. Janus was considered as one of the most important and revered gods.

So do you want or perhaps need a “god of change?”  I say this because many people in early recovery from alcohol or drugs have a terrible time with the concept of a “Higher Power” so very important  to Alcoholics Anonymous

Recovery, after all,  is all about personal “change,” and “new beginnings,”  whether we like it or not. Sometimes it’s a subtle change , or transformation,  or  its a more of a monumental one. Everyone is different.

Religions or spirituality, in my opinion  is, and should  always be ,  a private  matter.  If you, or someone you know, is struggling with the idea of the “Higher Power” why not suggest Janus.

For now,

Bill McInerney








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